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CoF members vary from students to academics, from individuals to institutionals, the common factors being curiosity, devotion and the serious desire to become involved in the improvement of best practice through independent academic research and discussion

Over the coming months, this site will be expanding rapidly, offering also regular chances to attend seminars and meetings (in Florence!) in connection with CG. It will become an interesting platform for exchange of ideas, informations and knowledges. If you have any questions about membership that are not answered here, please contact us

Member fees set up by the Board on 7 th October 2003

  Member Type Annual Fee Subscribe
Student Member 25 Euro Application
by Fax (download form)
Supporting Member 50 Euro Application
by Fax (download form)
Ordinary Member 100 Euro Application
by Fax (download form)
Academic Member 500 Euro Application
by Fax (download form)
Institutional Member 1000 Euro Application
by Fax (download form)
Issuer Member 1500 Euro Application
by Fax (download form)
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