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2014-10-24 - 2014-10-25
  The Italian Chapter of the International Coach Federation is organizing an event in Milan, Coaching Expo 2014, at the Teatro Litta, in the historical center of the city. Visitors can meet professional coaches, coaching service providers, important italian and international speakers to learn more about coaching, to understand the efficiency of coaching in business but also in private life. An important focus is on coaching as a tool for social innovation. Workshops on special coaching proposals and several presentations on how to use coaching as an approach for health, inside the management of public services, in intercultural environments or for sport activities complete the program.

Link to the website of the Coaching - Expo organized by ICF-Italia

2009-11-13 - 2010-02-28
  SANDRO BOTTICELLI’s painting has become a landmark of Italian Renaissance, and his monumental Idealized Portrait of a Lady (c. 1480) numbers among the Städel Museum’s main works. With a selection of portraits, mythological allegories and depictions of the Virgin – altogether some eighty works by Botticelli, his workshop and his contemporaries – the Städel Museum is presenting the first exhibition ever to be devoted to the oeuvre of this great Italian Renaissance master in German-speaking lands.

... for more details click here.

2009-04-08 - 2009-04-08
  Helgard Haug (1969), Stefan Kaegi (1972) and Daniel Wetzel (1969) studied at the Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Giessen and work together (in various combinations) under the name of Rimini Protokoll. They are recognized as being among the leaders and creators of the theatre movement known as "Reality Trend" (Theater der Zeit), which has exerted a powerful influence on the alternative theatre scene. Each project begins with a concrete situation in a specific place and is then developed through an intense exploratory process. This year they invited the public to attend "one of the most expensive mise-en-scene" of the theatre season 2009: the Annual General Meeting of Daimler AG - Berlin. They asked shareholders to lend their shares to 200 "spectators" of the event and produced a very detailled and also ironic playbill for them.

Download PDF of the playbill (Sorry, no English translation available)

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