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COF - Coaching is a service for coaching and guidance focused on Corporate Governance in transnational environment.

 Coaching one-to-one
 Coaching for groups and teams

Coaching one-to-one
Specialized in cross-cultural issues, COF - Coaching is an independent sparring partner for all people actively involved in corporate governance processes - executives, decision makers, board-members, managers; simply put, those who feel the need or ambition to challenge their intercultural competencies for any reasons (e.g. appointment to an international board of directors, a tour of duty in a foreign country, membership of an international team, negotiator with international clients, etc.).
One-to-one coaching is the instrument of choice for avoiding difficulties and how to trouble shoot them through a relationship of trust and co-creativity between coach and client. COF-Coaches adhere to the code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.
The place of the coaching sessions is decided by the client. Coaching by phone or video conference call is being offered.

Coaching for groups and teams
COF - Coaching is a neutral listener, observer and mediator for boards and teams of trans-national scope or composition. Lack of information, prejudices or value differences are often at the root of misunderstandings, loss of time and finally of inefficiency in the performance of groups whose membership personifies diversity in origin, experience and/or geographical place of work.
Appointees from one country to the board of a company in another may be called upon to take decisions without the time or tools to fully understand the complexity or the national connotation of the issues with the ensuing and avoidable danger of aggravating a myriad of personal and interpersonal problems.
Teamcoaching is the instrument of choice for rebuilding the board/team cohesion and confidence through the relationship and trust between coach and team and the identification and analysis of the observed patterns of behaviour, their cultural imprinting and the possibilities of change.
COF-Coaches adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation. Coaching is provided inside the organization.

The services that COF - Coaching provides daily to companies and organisations stem from our vocation to inform, discuss and share our key experiences in putting the concept of good corporate governance in an international environment into practice.
The approach is by means of what we call incontri, dedicated sessions of encounter that can take place in Florence if so desired. Held by coaches and competent specialists, these sessions offer a sustainable mixture of listening, questioning and learning moments in an open and safe setting. The formula of the incontri can be more or less experiential or academic depending on subject, time and target.

Some subjects:

  • International communication skills,
  • Cultural awareness as a prerequisite for negotiation
  • Value diversities
  • Challenges and opportunities of international appointments

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